Welcome to Glenmary Farm LLC!

The Nixon Family owns Glenmary Farm LLC in Orange County and Western View Plantation LLC in Culpeper County totaling 1,140 acres. We also rent an additional 7,500 acres. Of the total acreage we farm, 6,000 acres are devoted to crop production. Over the past 26 years, the farm has grown into a highly diversified beef, turkey and grain operation.

We use the latest technology to ensure soil health and preserve our land for many generations to come….

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Whether it be in the feedlot or the pasture, we are constantly improving production practices to ensure we are providing the consumer with a pleasurable eating experience. We love our beef so much that we decided to start a new venture!

We are proud to announce Glenmary Reserve Meats! We are now selling our premium, Dry Aged Beef online and shipping it right to your doorstep!