One of the most significant changes over the past twenty years has been the diversification of our beef program.  In 1994, we built a 400-head counter slope feed lot with working facilities.   In 1996, with these established improvements, we were chosen to feed and manage the VA BCIA Bull Test Program.  Since then we have successfully managed the program and put the annual bull sale each December.   In 2006, we expanded our feeding facilities with the addition of a 400 head slated floor barn with new working facilities, which includes a double alley way system that feeds into a Silencer Squeeze Chute and sorting pens.  To meet the needs of our heifer development program we built a pack barn with working facilities to house weaned calves or calving heifers.

Another important component of our beef cattle operation is our cowherd, which consists of 1000 cows and we breed 250 head of replacement heifers each year. The main focus of our cowherd is based on the production of crossbreds that are selected for either feeder cattle or replacement heifers. Structural soundness, functionality and docility are the driving factors in our replacement heifer selection.